Sofa Arm Rest Table with Phone and Tablet Stand

Sofa Arm Rest Table with Phone and Tablet Stand

The contemporary object your home can't miss for the best relax! Now it's available in 2 new colors: Teal and Cherry


Piattaforma (link a campagna) Kickstarter
Promoter Alessio Rocchi
Obiettivo di raccolta 1.000
Scadenza 01-02-2018


My name is Alessio Rocchi, designer and maker from Florence, Italy. I was the finalist, honorable mentioned and winner of many Design Contests.

In 2013 I founded the Design brand LOHN concerning Little Objects for Huge Needs. I’m here again on Kickstarter with 2 new colors: Teal and Cherry.

ATOS is a unique laser cut sofa arm rest table. It is made of poplar plywood on a brown felt mat to make it adaptable to any couch arms.

ATOS hosts a phone and tablet stand because during the relax moments smart devices are always with us. The smart device thickness must be under 12 mm, the screen up to 7″.

Dimensions are 384 x 250 mm / 15,12″ x 9,84″, the central part is 128 mm / 5,04″ wide.

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